Chiropractic Adjustment

What to expect from your chiropractor

At your first visit, you will be asked questions related to your health history and our chiropractor will perform a series of physical examination, with particular attention to your spine and joint health. If necessary we may also recommend other examinations or tests, such as X-rays based on your physical condition.

During the procedure

During your treatment session, you will be placed in specific positions to treat affected body area. You will be positioned lying face down on a specially designed, padded chiropractic table. The chiropractor then uses his/her hands to apply a controlled force to your joint to adjust it back into alignment. You may hear popping or cracking sounds as your chiropractor moves your joints during the treatment session.


Depending on the extent of your problem, chiropractic care helps patients feel noticeably better shortly after receiving treatment. The general rule of improvement is within 2 to 4 weeks from starting chiropractic therapy. In the absence of progressive worsening of a condition during chiropractic care, a common chiropractic program is 3 times per week for 2 to 4 weeks, followed by a re-evaluation.

Many extensive research has shown that chiropractic helps in improving life quality.


The Gonstead Technique:

The Gonstead Adjustment is used to restore normal spinal alignment and restore maximum mobility. It can be administered with the patient sitting up or lying on their side. One unique aspect of the Gonstead adjustment is the precision of the contact point on the chiropractor’s hand can be administered with the patient sitting up or lying on their side as the chiropractor manipulates the joint.

Diversified technique:

The diversified technique has 3 main purposes, and they are to restore joint alignment, correct joint dysfunction, and ensure proper movement and mobility. Using hands-on thrusts with extreme precision, practitioners can restore spinal alignment and increase a patient’s range of motion which may be affected by misaligned joints or bones. This technique is widely used, with 96% of all chiropractors using the Diversified Technique on approximately 70% of their patients. 

Koren Specific Technique:

The Koren Specific Technique is a revolutionary chiropractic adjusting technique, which provides patients long lasting and effective results. When an adjustment is needed the area is corrected using the Arthrostim adjusting instrument. Because Koren Specific Technique is so effective, it can be practiced whether you are standing, lying down, or sitting—whichever is most comfortable for you. It Works on Stubborn Spines. If your spine doesn’t always seem to comply with manipulations, Koren Specific Technique offers promising results for you.