Alicia Chua Pei Wen – Chiropractor

Known to be a compassionate and caring person, Alicia Chua Pei Wen was a senior Chiropractor at IMU Chiropractic Centre before venturing with Top Care Chiropractic.

Alicia treats patients from all age group, helping ALL those who want to move well and pain free. Whether that is a child, athlete or a retiree, Alicia makes sure all patient’s nervous system and movement system functioning at its full capacity.

With a special interest in sport-related injuries, Alicia has successfully treated many professional and weekend warrior athletes and golfers.

If you are to be treated by Alicia, you will walk out of the treatment room feeling like a new body.

On top of being a Registered Chiropractor with the Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Alicia is also Certified in Visceral Manipulation (The Barral Institute, USA) and Koren Specific Technique (Tedd Koren Seminars, USA).